Who Is Our Hotel Ideal for?

We offer accommodation for everyone who is looking for a welcoming environment, as opposed to impersonal approach of large hotels. Whether you are a tourist looking for natural beauties or a family with kids sightseeing around south Bohemia, you will be content staying with us. Throughout the time we have been running the hotel, we have become popular with individuals who are looking for peace, quiet, comfort, Wi-Fi connection and good quality coffee. Our hotel is located near the county hospital, so we quite frequently accommodate patients’ relatives or beloved ones. If what you are looking for is long-term accommodation, we are welcome to process your request through a telephone conversation.


We Offer

You are bound to fall in love with our breakfast, with prime quality food served as a buffet. Nonetheless, you may even ask for eggs prepared in a way to suit your needs. Our two beloved breakfast cooks are ready to fulfill any breakfast-related wish you may have that would truly make you feel at home.

All of our hotel rooms are newly equipped with all the necessary means such as toiletries, towels, hair dryers, TV sets, laptop mats, a minibar and free high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

All of the hotel facilities, including the rooms themselves, are non-smoking, and we strongly insist on following this rule. However, to meet smokers’ requirements, the designated smoking area may be found in front of the entrance door, thus we hope keeping the non-smoking regulation would not present a problem.

The reception is at your service from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. and then again in the afternoon from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., the check-in time. If you plan to arrive at a different than stated time, we are please to meet your request, which in this case needs to be stated beforehand by phone or email. Otherwise after 7 p.m. you may not find anyone to process your check-in. Therefore, please make sure you notify us beforehand.

At the reception we will be happy to make you our delicious coffee, which you can enjoy in the peace and quiet of your room, along with a complimentary Mozart Kugel praline.

Naturally, room service is provided in all our rooms.


What Does Our Hotel Look Like?


As a Czech saying goes “Everyone would like to live in České Budějovice”.
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