Dear guests,


welcome to the website of our hotel, a place we came into possession two years ago and that has become the center of attention for both the two of us and our families – The Amadeus Hotel. At the very beginning we had a slightly distorted image of the things that are needed keep a hotel running, as well as of those we had coming. Today we know that what we intend to offer is maximum comfort that is to make you feel at home and keep you coming back.

Our Style

Currently we represent a highly exceptional hotel, one that you would find difficult to forget, for we strive to offer unique personal and family atmosphere, which cannot be found in large hotel chains. We always try to satisfy your specific needs and are ready to make maximum effort to fulfill your wishes.

The hotel’s current appearance is the result of a two-year long ongoing reconstruction, which was carried out while the venue was in service but so that it would not in any way degrade our guests’ comfort, which has always been our top priority. While selecting interior decorations as well as furniture, carpets and curtains, special attention was paid to make you, our guests, feel like at home. Thus we keep renovating and refurbishing the hotel according to standards we expect from similar facilities we visit abroad. Knowing our guests and hotel well is what represents us, which is why we have a first-hand experience with all the associated roles and working positions involved. As owners we have ourselves prepared and cleaned the rooms, made breakfast, served at the reception and thanks to this irreplaceable experience we know what to want and expect from our employees. Therefore, top-level service is our highest priority.

We believe it is crucial to have a close, friendly relationship with every guest and to get to know you by having a pleasant chat at the reception, by bringing you our delicious coffee to your room and by personally recommending must-sees within České Budějovice and its surroundings. Meeting your breakfast demands, as well as those concerning your check-in and check-out requirements, or perhaps even those as trivial as booking a table at a local restaurant come as given. We shall always make an effort to satisfy your needs and we believe that the key to this is communication, thus we highly appreciate your feedback in form of tips on what your appreciated and what could be improved until your next visit.

Lucie Frantíková and Iva Brejchová


What Does the Hotel Look Like?


As a Czech saying goes “Everyone would like to live in České Budějovice”.
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